Sports Departments

The college Gymkhana has a great tradition of nurturing and cultivating quality sportspersons. Every year our college students participate in National, State, Inter-University,University and college level competitions. Gymkhana is to cultivate discipline, character & citizenship in the students. A child who is physically fit & free from illness is able to concentrate on learning. While physical fitness is essential for mental & emotional health, and necessity for proper concentration & learning. The department aims to establish healthy communion among students & teachers focusing on body to mind understanding through various outdoor and indoor activities. To make healthy citizens, who will participate not only in sports but also in the formation of the nation, it is possible through physical education and sports. Exercise maintains and improves the body mechanism & lastly effects on the long life of an individual. The value of exercise or training has certain lasting results on the efficiency of the body. Again exercise becomes the peacemaker for the more efficient operation of the human body.

To strive to educate competent leaders in the fields of sports
To serve the nation and society for better health and active lifestyle of people through
participation in physical activities and sports

The mission of the department is to achieve the following through physical activity sports and
 To achieve community services through innovative practices to prepare
competent players and future leaders in the area of sports.
 To provide opportunities to the students for better lifestyle.
 To encourage and support sports through participation in lifetime physical
 To develop the knowledge and importance of daily physical activities in Stress
management, weight control, general fitness and proper nutrition in human
performance during the lifetime.
 To provide high value sports for all students.
 To develop overall personality through various sport activities.
Gymkhana (Sports) Committee (2019-20)

Name of the Members
1) Asst. Prof – Dr. A. R. Dighe (Chairman)
2) Asst. Prof- R.B.Patil
3) Asst. Prof –Dr. D. S. Korgaonkar.
4) Asst. Prof –S.B. Patil
5) Asst. Prof.- K.P. Patil
6) Mr .A. P. Patil (Coach) 

Sports Activities

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Sport Photo Gallery 2015-16

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Sport Photo Gallery 2017-2018

Sport Photo Gallery 2018-19 

Anandibai Raorane Smrutidin 2019-20




Hemant Youth Sport Competition 2019