Student Council

Constituted under section 40 of the Maharashtra Universities Act No. VI of 2017). There shall be student council for the college to look after the extracurricular activities of different student associations for better corporate life. The council shall not engage in political activities.

The Council shall consist of the following :
i) Principal – Chairman
ii) One Lecturer nominated by the Principal
iii) National Service Scheme Programme Officer
iv) Director of Sports and Physical Education, if any
v) One student from each class, who has shown academic merit at the examination held in the preceding year and who is engaged in full time student in the college, nominated by the Principal.
vi) One student from each of the following activities nominated by the principal namely
a) Sports
b) National Service Scheme or DLLE
c) Cultural Activities
vii) Two lady students nominated by the Principal. The students memebers of the council shall elect from amongst themselves the secretary of their council.