Maharashtra Vivek Vahini


This activity is approved by govt. of maharashtra, mumbai University,Principal and experts in education field. It is run our college since the academic year 2005/06.ln the academic year 2018/19, total 50 students participted in this activity. The Students are given certificates for their active participation in the actively thraughout the year.


  •  To Create Scientific attitude and awareness is the main objective of the extension work.


        Name                                        Designstion
1)Prin. Dr. C.S.Kakade                       Chairman
2)Shri. S.N. Patil                                 Executive Chairman
3)Shri. R.M. Gulde                             Vice Chairman
4)Shri. N.R. Hedulkar                       Member
5)Vishal Mangesh Sawant                SYBA- Student Organiser
6)Uttam Ganpat Gawas                    SYBA- Student Co-organiser
7)Nikita Ashok Angwalkar              TYBA-Student Organise
8)Priyanka prakash Vadekar           FYBA-Co-organiser
Academic Year 2019-20
1) Inouguration Programme of Maharashtra vivek vahini 

Academic Year 2018-19

1) 8/9/2018-Inauguration Ceremony
Inauguration Ceremony of Maharashtra Vivek Vahini under the Chairperson of vice Principal Dr. B.D. Ingawale. Mr. S. N. Patil gave information about the need of the M. Vivek Vahini.
2)10/9/2018- Pollution free Ganesh Festival.
Information was given about how to celebrate the Ganesh Festival in eco-friendly manner by S.N. Patil.
3)22/10/2018-Introductoin to Indian Constitution.
Mr.Sambhaji Bhagat and Mr. Rajan Indulkar guided the students about the constitution.
4)3/11/2018- Fireworks-free Diwali-
Mr.S.N. Patil gave information to the students about fireworks-free diwali.
5)December 2018- Swayamadhayan Pariksha-2018
Total 40 students appeared for the examination and the result is 100%.
6)8/3/2019-Jodidarachi viveki Niwad-
MVV and WDC jointly organised this workshop for the students. Swati Krushnat, Harshal Jadhav and Rajvaibhav Shobha Ramchandra interacted with the students.