ILMS software for automation


Status of automation

Partially automated

Version of ILMS software

Library Manager Version 2.0.0

Developed & powered by Polygram Software Solution, Pune.

Library manager can be best viewed in 1024 * 768 resolution required version Offline and Online of internet explorer is IE 7.0,Firefox

Year of Automation



OPAC is available for users

Electronic Resource Management package for e-journals

available through UGC INFLIBNET N-LIST

Library Website/ webpage

In-house/remote access to e-publications

available through N-LIST INFLIBNET

&  College Teachers Lecture Videos on you tube website available & offline Lectures videos from vary subject departments available in the library

Total number of computers for public access

one computer for students and another computer as server for library automation

Total number of printers and Scanners for public access

one scanner and one printer

Internet bandwidth/speed

 30-50 mbps

Library Manager Version: It is an integrated, multi-user, multi-lingual package, which computerizes all the in-house operations of library. This software is used to operate and maintain library’s reading materials in the digitized accession registers as well as records. It consists many features such as online public access catalogue (OPAC), Book Management, Accessioning, Membership, Circulation, Reports and Administration. This package is user friendly & can be handled / operated by the staff vis-à-vis the beneficiaries of the system. Most of activities / work of library is done through online e-library manager software.

Library Automation: Presently library is partially automated but entire library is gradually being automated at the remarkable extents. Almost all the housekeeping work is partially computerized.

OPAC (Online Public Assess Catalogue): It is highly versatile and user-friendly software in operation used for simple and advanced search for books available in the library. The bibliographic information about the collection is made available through library OPAC system. The books can be searched on the basis of various criteria like: title, author, subject, place of publishing, publisher, year of publishing, with the exact details and the status of the books present in library.

Library Activities of 2016-17 : 

Library Activities of 2017-18 : PDF

Library Activities of 2018-19: PDF