M. P. S. S. Mumbai

Anandibai raorane arts, commerce and science college, vaibhavwadi

Department of English

About the Department:


The department of English was established in the academic year 2002-03 with the aim of developing competence in English language and literature in the students. The department always gets a lot of support and encouragement from all the Hon. members of the Management and our Hon. Principal Dr. C. S. Kakade to conduct various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.


There are three qualified and dedicated faculty members in the department and they always try their level best for the all round development of the students. They always try to update their qualification and conduct research. They publish research papers in national and international refereed journals as well as participatearch papers in various national and international conferences, seminars and workshops. They are techno-savy and use ICT and innovative teaching methods regularly. Though there are many technical problems, they have created google classrooms for students.


The department conducts Bridge Course and Remedial Coaching for students. For internal evaluation of the students the department organizes projects, seminars, question-answer sessions, unit tests and role plays. The department conducts two certificate courses:

  1. Spoken English Course

  2. Basic English Course

The department has established English Literary Association which successfully conducts the following innovative co-curricular activities.

  1. Vocabulary Quiz competition

  2. Poster Exhibition

  3. Essay Writing competition

  4. Poetry Recitation

  5. Elocution Competition

  6. Hand Writing Competition

  7. Spelling Writing competition

  8. Study Tour

  9. Workshops

  10. English Day Celebration

 All these programmes add a great value to teaching-learning process. The department faculty always guides and encourages students to go for higher education and prepare for competitive examinations. Under the guidance of the faculty the students of the department actively participate in district as well as university level Avishkar Research Competition organized by University of Mumbai.


  • To help students to develop their communication skills in English language and to inculcate aesthetic, environmental and human values among them through the study of literature.



  • To empower students with language skills and soft skills

  • To inculcate passion for reading and interpreting literature among students

  • To get students acquainted with the recent trends and theories of English Language and Literature

  • To enhance career opportunities for students through exposure to society         

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