Spandan Department 

In our college wallpaper committee is recognized by “Spandan”. Our college provides a good platform for creativity of students through Spandan. Spandan exhibits different types of wallpapers, like information of any topic, poems, pictures, slogans, articles etc. All students take participation & advantage of every activity of Spandan Department.



  • To bring curiosity of knowledge among the students.

  • To encourage the students to know & reader reference books regarding the topic of wallpaper.

  • To upgrade the knowledge of the students.

  • To motivate the creativity of the students.


Members of Wallpaper Committee 2019-20

  • S. S. Bhaskar – Chairman

  • S. B. Patil – Member

  • R. A. Bhosale – Member

  • S. N. Patil – Member

Annual Activity reports 

Activity Report 2014-15

Activity Report 2015-16

Activity Report 2018-19

Activity Report 2019-20